I am the
working class and I am not for sale
Do you feel like your voice is not heard and the government does not care about you?  So do I.   That is why I am running for office.  You and I need a voice, if you want a state government that is responsive to the people, I am your candidate.  When elected I vow to use common sense and enact legislation that will benefit the working people of Michigan.  I will work to ensure the residents of Michigan have clean drinking water; access to quality education, substance abuse & mental health treatment; and gainful employment.  I plan to create a transparent government that keeps you informed and is not funded by corporations.   
I am not your typical establishment politician,  I am your neighbor, I have experienced hardship and I have your back. 

Nicole Reid

for State Representative 
District 22,
Warren/Roseville, Michigan

Michigan is waiting for a change
Vote August 2, 2016

Do you know who your State Representative is and what they have done since elected?  Probably not, because the government doesn't want you involved, but I do.  I care what you have to say, and I will keep you informed on what the Michigan Government is doing. 

Safegaurd Drinking Water

End Corruption 

Hold our elected officials responsible.  Reform campaign finance to get get money out of politics.   I will do everything I can to get an independent reporter to publish daily press releases on what our government is up to, to every local and statewide newspaper.  Put people before profits.  Dismantle disastrous trade agreements. End tax breaks for multi-million dollar corporations.  Prosecute while collar criminals the same way drug offenders are prosecuted.   Change the political process so it works for all of us, not just the wealthy.

 It is shocking that anyone in America would be poisoned by city water, but the fact that it happened in Michigan, where we have access to the Great Lakes and 20% of the world’s fresh water supply is repulsive.  It is not safe to dump sewage into our lakes, bury nuclear waste or run oil under them.   I will do everything I can to make sure not one more Michigan resident is the victim of lead poising.

Improve Roads & Education

Legalize Cannabis for Adult Use

Legal cannabis will create jobs and give Metro Detroit the economic boost it needs.  Cannabis is a safer alternative than opiates to pain management. Our police are overworked and our jails are overcrowded with nonviolent drug offenders. The Nixon Era “Reefer Madness” propaganda is over.  Let’s catch up with the times.

Where does our tax money go if not to the schools and roads?   Why does Warren have 5 school districts and continue to build libraries & parks while the roads in the Southern portion of the city are literally falling apart?  And where is all the Michigan Lotto money going if not to the schools?  I intend to find out.
Protect our Seniors
   ​We need to increase Social Security Retirement benefits to match inflation.  Seniors need simplified healthcare coverage, including prescription coverage without co-pays and in home healthcare; as well as access to reliable transportation and home delivered meals, regardless of income.  We also need to take measures to protect seniors from financial exploitation. 
   For everyone.  End racial,  police, environmental, real estate, and employment discrimination. End gender discrimination. The government does not regulate men’s access to Viagra or vasectomies, nor should it regulate women’s access to birth control or abortion.  End LGBT discrimination. Separation of church and state people, your Christian beliefs should not regulate your neighbor’s life anymore than their Muslim beliefs regulate your life.  Speaking of religion, it’s an individual choice that needs to be respected, not another reason to discriminate. Enacting laws was not enough, we need to enforce them.

Nicole Reid for House Rep

The Right Woman for the Job

We need the people to regulate the government and corporations, instead of corporations & government regulating us.
I was born and raised in Port Huron, Michigan, graduated from Western Michigan University with a Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice and Organizational Communication and Wayne State University with Master’s in Sociology.  I worked as a probation officer for 5 years and started a drug court. I have been teaching college for 5 years and have been employed as a substance abuse counselor for over 2 years.

Today, you can find me happily residing in South Warren, with my toddler and my fiancé, who works in a metal fabrication shop.  We promote a self-sustaining lifestyle where we can, we are learning to garden, grow our own vegetables and own chickens.

I watched hard work pay off for my parents, who grew up poor and both made successful careers.  Growing up, that shaped my work ethic and determination.  I believed that hard work equaled success and that you would get out what you put in, that is, until I tried.  I struggle to make a decent wage in my career, despite my education.  To me, money is not everything, my passion is to help people, not exploit them.  I still owe more on my student loans than I borrowed. The banks we, the American people, bailed out, denied me the same courtesy.
I am running to represent District 22 because I want to hold the government accountable to the people.  I represent the working class, because I am the working class.  I see inequality everywhere. I believe our biggest problem is class inequality and I see the middle class disappearing every day.  I will work to create a meaningful change for women and minorities and to raise the "working poor" out of poverty.  No one working 40 hours a week should need government assistance.  The only way to make that change is to enter the ring.  People will call me inexperienced and unqualified, but I see it differently.  Career politicians are part of the problem in society, they play by the rules and are pressured by other politicians or organizations to represent their needs.  None of that applies to me, I do not agree with the status quo, I’m not afraid to rock the boat, and the only people I will owe anything to, are the voters who elect me.  We need to stop catering to the wealthy elite and special interest groups and work for the people.  We need to level the governmental playing field, hold elected officials accountable for their actions, reduce economic, racial and gender inequality.  I am the right woman for the job.