Meet Nicole

Nicole Reid for Representative, District 22

Vote in the Primary August 2, 2016
I Will Fight
I will take on Wall Street, Big Pharma, Oil Companies, the NRA, Corporate America and anyone else who wants to suppress the Voice of the American people for profit.
    I have your back. 

I am the Working Class

I am the Right Woman for the Job

I was born and raised in Port Huron, Michigan; one of the many key cities for automotive production and proud home of paper production, blue collar through and through, and an amazing example of "Pure Michigan".  I went to Western Michigan University and double majored in Criminal Justice and Organizational Communication.  I was interested in the law and becoming a probation officer so I would have the opportunity to help people.  The first book I read in CJ was The Rich get Richer and the Poor get Poorer and the remainder of my coursework followed the same theme.  I was disappointed after completing my capstone course, I had been taught over and over that the criminal justice system is broken, but had not heard a single plan about how to fix it. I chose Organizational Communication to make myself more marketable in the workforce, the skills I learned in those communication classes have helped me in every aspect of my career.

Like so many other students completing their degrees during this time, I came out to a tough market due to the crumbling economy. I too felt the cuts and eventually took a job bartending & decided to attend Wayne State for my Master’s Degree in Sociology.  Having a service job like bartending allowed me to connect with people on a personal level, hear their stories and learn more about my community and the people in it, often I would hear their struggles, their achievements but most of all, the reality of the working Michigander. I also started volunteering for the 44th District Court, Royal Oak, Michigan, where I worked for 5 years as a presentence investigator, secretary, clerk, probation officer, and Drug/OWI Court Director. I started a Drug/OWI Court & ran it solo for 2 years.  During this time I made 15$ an hour, with out benefits, working for our court system and successfully running a program alone.

After earning a Masters Degree in 2010, I started teaching as an adjunct professor at South University, and continued to work at the courthouse and restaurant.  In 2013, I left the courthouse, the inequality was too apparent for me to ignore. I worked under circumstances that most women unfortunately become accustom to; sexism.  The sexism went beyond the obvious fact that every person in a position in power was male, it extended to the differing expectations of the male and female probation officers and the lack of respect that myself and other women were shown.  The experience was eye opening and shaped the way in which I view our system.

After leaving the 44th District, I began a career as a substance abuse therapist and obtained my CADC license in 2015. I also started teaching Sociology at Oakland Community College.  As a substance abuse counselor I am aware of the struggles and barriers to upward social mobility that people face.  The opiate epidemic in Southeast Michigan is out of control and as therapist I can tell you we do not have enough resources to combat it.  There are too many barriers to treatment and even when clients are receiving substance abuse treatment, they do not have access to reliable transportation to get there and the substance abuse and mental health systems are still broken.  In addition, we need funding for case management, work training programs and education for the addicted population.

Today, you can find me happily residing in South Warren, with my amazing toddler and my fiancé, who works in a metal fabrication shop. We also promote self-sustaining lifestyle where we can, we are learning to garden, grow our own vegetables and own chickens.  I, like so many other parents worry about the chemicals & additives in our food and how it will affect my daughter’s development. Unfortunately, the city does not agree with alternative living styles, and we are being forced to get rid of the chickens.  People work hard to own property and I believe your property is yours to use how you see fit so long as you're not disrupting the lives of those around you, and I always encourage self-sustainment. 

I watched hard work pay off for my parents, who grew up poor and both made successful careers. Growing up, that shaped my work ethic and determination. I believed that hard work equaled success, and that you would get out what you put in, that is, until I tried. I struggled to make a decent wage in my career, despite my education. To me, money is not everything, my passion is to help people not exploit them. For the first time in my life I am able to support myself on one job, but I am still barely reaching the ideal "middle class".  Like many others, I  took out student loans to pay for college, and each year the cost of school rises faster than the job market.  I have been paying student loans for 6 years, still owing more than I borrowed, and during hard times when my Degree didn't benefit me and the job market was bleak, the banks refused to work with me and destroyed the credit I worked so hard to build. The banks we, the American people, bailed out, denied me the same courtesy.

I want to change the way the government in Michigan operates.  Most residents have no idea what is going on in our state government, I want to change that, information from House sessions should be published in a user friendly form on the state page & on facebook.  State election dates also need to be widely published & advertised.  We need a to encourage every resident in Michigan to educate themselves & get involved in the political process, and elect a government who represents our beliefs.  Accurate information on what is happening in our state government should be available to everyone, not just politicians.

I am running to represent District 22 because I want to hold the government accountable to the people.  I represent the working class, because I am the working class.  I see inequality everywhere. I believe our biggest problem is class inequality and I see the middle class disappearing every day.  I will work to create a meaningful change for women and minorities and to raise the "working poor" out of poverty.  No one working 40 hours a week should need government assistance.  The only way to make that change is to enter the ring.  People will call me inexperienced and unqualified, but I see it differently.  Career politicians are part of the problem in society, they play by the rules and are pressured by other politicians or organizations to represent their needs.  None of that applies to me, I do not agree with the status quo, I’m not afraid to rock the boat, and the only people I will owe anything to, are the voters who elect me.  We need to stop catering to the wealthy elite and special interest groups and work for the people.  We need to level the governmental playing field, hold elected officials accountable for their actions, reduce economic, racial and gender inequality.  I am the right woman for the job.