The Issues

Nicole Reid for House Representative 

Vote in the Michigan Primaries August 2, 2016
What do You want done?

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I admit that I do not know all of the answers on how improve Michigan.  I intend ask to ask teachers how to reform education, doctors & patients how to reform healthcare, farmers how to help agriculture and people who work and live in Michigan how to improve their careers & lives. I will use common sense and support policies that balance the needs of the people, environment and economy.  What you see below are the issues that I am passionate about. 
End Corruption
As boring of a topic as it is, I truly believe that ending political corruption is the first step in taking back our government. We need to overturn Citizen’s United and every other policy and Supreme Court decision that equated money to speech.  It is no wonder that the government is corrupt when you look at how much money elected officials take from special interest groups.  Media bias and voter fraud are rampant in this election and I want to end it.  The same media that reports to us funds political campaigns.  We need automatic voter registration, no question absentee voting and better regulation of polling places to make sure every vote counts.    
The government is corrput, the media is biased and voter fraud is unchecked. 
The biggest problem with education is that politicians make all the decisions about how schools operate.  If elected I will form a committee of Michigan teachers and ask them to outline how to improve our school systems.  As a college graduate, with $100,000 in student loan debt to prove it, I intend to make college more affordable.  Community college should be free to qualifying students and student loan interest rates, need to match the interest rate Wall Street borrows money at which is .75%.
Protect it. Michigan Government is on the wrong side of this issue
Legalize Marijuana
I have 3 reasons why we should legalize marijuana, and none of them are because I think people should get high.  First, it will be good for Michigan’s economy. The tax revenue alone can go towards fixing our schools and roads, not to mention the employment opportunities (especially for convicted drug offenders) and real estate demand it will create. Second, the opiate epidemic.  I am a substance abuse counselor, I have worked with countless clients who were injured at work, prescribed opiates and ended up addicted to heroin.  Big pharma does not want you to know that marijuana is safer than prescription opiates. Marijuana is also safer than alcohol. Third, jail and prison overcrowding, the war on drugs failed. According to the ACLU there were 8.2 million arrests between 2001 and 2010 for marijuana. Do you have any idea how much taxpayer money is wasted every year on marijuana arrests? Not to mention it takes up valuable police and court time.
Legalize, Regulate & Tax it. 
I grew up in Port Huron, swimming in Lake Huron every summer, even then the Black River was too polluted to swim in.  My Mom lives off the North Channel in Algonac/Clay and my Dad runs the St. Clair County Marine Division. These waterways are literally my home and I am sick of them being polluted.  Chemical Valley has to go. These recent “accidents” Imperial Oil dumping hydrochloric acid into the St. Clair River, Shell Gasoline spilling benzene, 1.5 billion gallons of sewage overflowed, burying nuclear waste near Lake Huron, Nestle continues to pump out billions of water, not just for free, they also get a $13 million tax break from Michigan to do it, not to mention the Detroit flood of 2014.  The Detroit Water & Sewage Department provides drinking water for 40% of the state and it continues to be polluted!  Michigan is also blocking rooftop solar development.  We must unite to protect the environment, block water & air pollution and invest in renewable energy. I want to leave an inhabitable planet for our children and I vow to propose bills that will protect the environment and block every bill that unnecessarily harms the environment for profit.  
Protect it. Michigan Government is on the wrong side of this issue
I will expand on this topic in the future. 

I support equality for women, racial & ethnic minorities, the LGBT community & the poor. While I believe that politicians use these “hot topic” issues to keep us distracted while they pass laws that benefit themselves, I understand how important these issues are. Our laws target the poor & minorities, legalizing marijuana will help, but is not enough, we also need to end employment, police, real estate, and environmental discrimination as well as predatory lending practices.  
Economic, Gender and Racial Inequality Should not Exist in 2016